Walking Man & Bell Tower 8 Day Mechanical Chalet Cuckoo Clock 40cm By HETTICH


 Authentic Black Forest Clocks

Hettich is a name that represents over 180 years of Black Forest clockmakers, a label that today is run by Klaus Hettich- a German clockmaker who has made the production of timeless high-quality clocks his life work and passion. The brand Hettich is based in the Black Forest, and produces clocks in the tradition and quality of German craftsmanship, offering a wide variety of high quality clocks including cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks and table clocks. Each of these items are produced using high quality features including the use of German movements, beautiful wood, quality materials, crystal glazing, expensive surface processing and a lot of handwork that goes into the production of every single product made in the Hettich Factory. 


Hettich is a member of the Black Forest Clock Association, an association created to guarantee products from the Black Forest with unmistakable authenticity. In order to provide customers with this certificate of authenticity, a company who is part of the Black Forest Clock Association must meet a number of requirements before doing so. The product must be produced authentically and exclusively from the Black Forest, and must be working purely mechanically with all of its essential working parts to have also been produced in the Black Forest as well. Hettich is a proud member of this association, guaranteeing the hallmarks of quality, precision and authenticity for all of their products.