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 Elegant Quality Watches at Affordable Prices

That is the philosophy of Pierre Lannier, a French watchmaker and designer. Pierre Lannier wrist watches have a certain touch of elegance to their design, a statement piece that speaks French classic aesthetic and chic design. Originally established as a business in 1977, today all authentic Pierre Lannier watches are produced in the French countryside, 450kms East of Paris, by a team of over 120 full time watch makers and staff. Each year the team crafts over half a million quality watches, each with a sense of passion, innovation, and precision- traits that make these unique watches a perfect compliment to your style or as a gift for that special person in your life. Designed by a team of experienced creators, the men’s and women’s watch collections move with the times and offer modern, contemporary models that associate precision, with refinement and elegance. As a gift or for your personal pleasure, the Pierre Lannier watch is always there for every exceptional moment and adds the perfect touch to all your looks and outfits. Each watch serves as a quality timepiece, backed by a 2 year warranty. 


The Perfect Watch To Compliment Your Unique Style


If you’re looking to buy a watch for a gift, or you’re struggling to think of that perfect gift idea of someone special in your life, then browse our selection of genuine Pierre Lannier watches online at the Clock Shop. Our great range of watches come in a variety of his and hers designs and metals for any fashion style. Choose from multiple dial and band colours, available in gold, rose gold, silver or black metals, also available in a unique skeleton design. 


Automatic Watch Vs. Battery Watch


Our range of Pierre Lannier watches at the Clock Shop are available in both automatic and battery powered designs. Here is a summary of the differences between the two styles.  


  • Automatic watches (or self-winding watches), are mechanical watches that wind themselves due to the natural motion that you provide - as you move your arms during your day, your watch uses that energy and winds itself. This means there is no need for an internal battery, so you never have to worry about fitting in the watch repair man into your busy schedule just to change that flat battery that ran out 2 years ago.
  • If an automatic watch is not your style why not consider a battery powered watch instead, so you don’t have to worry about moving those arms constantly all day. Battery operated watches are suited more for people with desk jobs or those prefer a more laid back lifestyle. Sure you might have to change your watch's battery once a year but think of how many star jumps you avoided by purchasing a battery operated watch instead of an automatic watch!