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All clocks sold through Clockshop.com.au are traditional clocks from the Black Forest area in Germany or nearby and are of chosen timbers used specifically for cases and carvings. We do not use any S.E. Asian timbers for any cuckoo or Grandfather clock cases. 


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Where are the clocks made?
All of our clocks are made in the Black Forest region of Germany.


What is the difference between a "1-day clock" and an "8-day clock"?
These mechanical clock movements are either spring driven or run by weights under the clock. In both cases, to keep the clocks running you have to wind the clock by either winding the spring with a key or pulling up the weights. For a "1-day" clock this function must be performed each day whereas an "8-day clock" only requires winding once a week.


What type of wood is used to make the cases of your clocks?
All the carvings for the cuckoo clocks are made from "linden wood". Grandfather clocks and wall clocks are made from various different timbers such as oak, erle and cherry. Different stains are used to achieve distinct wood colours, for example; light oak, rustic oak, dark oak, walnut, mahogany, German cherry and more…


Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world. All national and international freight will be calculated when you submit your delivery details on the checkout page and the amount includes comprehensive insurance.


What kind of warranty do you provide?
We provide 2 Year (24 months) of warranty (see your warranty card for more detail). The clocks are insured against transportation loss or damage however damage caused due to improper use of the clock is the customers responsibility.

What about my privacy?
We respect your privacy. We want to build a long-term relationship with you as a satisfied customer, which is based upon excellent service and trust. For this reason we do not pass on any personal details to a third party unless it is necessary to process your payment or shipping.