Celebrate Christmas in July with Clock Shop

The days in Australia are getting shorter; there's a crispness in the air, and what better way to warm things up this winter than with a hint of Christmas in July. At Clock Shop, we specialise in

Time For Savings!

Our 2024 EOFY sale is finally here, and we are celebrating with fantastic deals on everything you need to keep on time, informed, looking great and feeling festive all year round. Clock Savings: Fr

The Ultimate Cuckoo Clock Buying Guide

The cuckoo clock is a true cultural icon of Germany. These impressive timepieces are thought to have originated from the Black Forest in Germany in the mid 1700’s, with the original design coined as ea

Hermle: A Legacy of Quality and Precision Timekeeping

For over a century, Hermle has maintained a reputation for exceptional clocks and meticulous German engineering. Founded in 1922, this family-owned company has grown from humble origins to a renowned global lea

Engstler: Black Forest Timepieces

Fox & Grapes Battery Carved Cuckoo Clock 38cm By ENGSTLER Nestled amongst the picturesque landscape of the Black Forest in Germany, lies the workshop of Engstler. For over 70 years, this f

The Ultimate Clock Buying Guide for 2024

As we start the new year 2024, home styling and decor continues to evolve with a focus on blending functionality, aesthetics, and individuality. Clock trends for the upcoming year are predicted to reflect a

Exploring Germany's Vibrant Culture

Germany is a country that boasts a rich cultural heritage and long-standing traditions which have captivated the world over the course of history. With world-renowned clock making craftsmanship and uni

Counting Down To Christmas- The Element Of Time

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive Christmas carols that signify the advent of the festive season, there also exists a subtle element—the dimension of time. Time intricately weaves its presence through

Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls are a beloved symbol of Russian culture that have long captivated people around the world with their intricate design and unique nesting capabilities. But what is their pur