Authentic German Steins

Bavaria 100 Years Beer Stein With Dancers On Pewter Lid BY KING


Majestic Eagle Beer Stein With Pewter Lid BY KING


2019 Limited Edition Beer Stein Falcon Hunt With Pewter Lid By KING


75 Year VE-Day Anniversary Beer Stein Limited Edition By KING


Arm Wrestling Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Australian States Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Australian States Blue Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Bavarian Limited Edition Beer Stein By KING


Berlin Beer Stein With Piece Of Wall Rock On Top Of Pewter Lid By KING


Black Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Wheat Beer Mug BY KING


Blue Munich Wheat Beer Cup By KING .3ltr


Blue Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Wheat Beer Mug BY KING


Bow and Arrow Cut Lord Of Crystal Glass Blue Beer Cup with Bavaria Pewter Crest By KING


Brown Wedding Stein with Pewter Lid By KING


Checkpoint Charlie Berlin Wall Beer Stein With Rock On Top Of Pewter Lid By KING


Coat Of Arms Beer Stein with Pewter Eagle With Flags BY KING


Coat Of Arms Flags On The Side Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Beer Stein State Coat Of Arms Pewter Eagle By KING


Deutschland Beer Stein with Gold Pewter Eagle With Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Beer Stein With Pewter Eagle On Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Coat Of Arms Beer Stein With Pewter Eagle On Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Coat Of Arms Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Knights Beer Stein With Pewter Lid By KING


Deutschland Lord Of Crystal Glass Blue Diamoncut Beer Stein With Knight on Pewter Lid By KING


Prost! To Choosing Your Authentic Beer Stein at The Clock Shop


Ah the beer stein, the ultimate symbol of good times, great music and togetherness with our friends and family, celebrating special occasions 1 litre at a time! Buy the best range of authentic German Steins in Australia online or in-store at the Clock Shop today. 


If authentic or limited-edition German beer steins is what you're looking for, then you’ll be sure to love what the Clock Shop has on offer. You'll find a wide variety of hard to find, unique, hand-painted and carefully created pieces direct from our craftspeople and suppliers in the Westerwald region of Germany. Choose from a range of different German designs, themes and materials including pewter, stoneware and ceramic. 


Our extensive selection includes themed designs such as Oktoberfest, German heritage, sports, fantasy, animal themed designs, and even historical moments like the fall of the Berlin Wall (did you know some of our beer steins have an actual piece of the Berlin wall attached on the lid of the stein). We also supply drinking horns, and drinking steins made entirely of crystal!


What Makes a Beer Stein Authentic?


The clay to produce an authentic beer stein comes only from a specific region in Germany- the Westerwald region, an area renowned for its high quality clay. This is why the remaining manufacturers that still produce authentic German beer steins are located only within this region.


One of these manufacturers is King-Werks which not only produces its own line but in January 2011 through agreement with Albert Thewalt, began producing Thewalt designs under the name “Thewalt 1893”. 


Beer steins sold by the Clock Shop are guaranteed to be handmade and hand painted completely in Germany. We stock authentic beer steins manufactured by one of the two remaining beer stein manufacturers in Germany - namely King Works (King Werks - Wuerfel & Mueller GmbH and Co. KG).


Besides authentic German collectable steins, we also offer souvenir beer steins with open tops or pewter lids. 


There are many online retailers that sell "German Beer Steins'' however many of these steins are similar to our souvenir stein range and are simply copies of German designs that are not necessarily manufactured in Germany. They typically look similar but the clay used to make them is inferior to that which comes from the Westerwald region of Germany and generally the quality of the glazing, both in application and colour, is also noticeably inferior. King Werk beer steins are made by highly skilled potters in Germany that have been practicing their trade for years in the authentic manner. 


Give an Authentic Beer Stein As Your Next Gift Idea


Struggling with gift ideas for Christmas? Stuff a Christmas beer stein in the stocking. Or maybe it's a unique Father's Day gift that you're searching for? Whatever the occasion, an original and authentic German beer stein is sure to impress and leave a lasting impression. 


Own a Piece of History


The Clock Shop is proud to supply products that also hold significant moments in history, including our Checkpoint Charlie Berlin Wall Beer Stein, which features an original piece of the Berlin wall on top of a pewter lid. 


Looking for More German Drinking Accessories?


Here at the Clock Shop, we stock a huge range of authentic German beer steins, drinking horns, glass and ceramic beer mugs, beer boots and many more great German inspired gift ideas! As well as serving up your next cold brew (or warm gluhwein), our beer steins and drinking accessories also make for outstanding display pieces and talking points in your home, whilst also presenting a fantastic talking piece to bring out for special occasions, events and memorable moments to be celebrated. 


Why Buy German Steins from the Clock Shop?


If you’re looking for a trusted and authorized seller of authentic German Beer Steins and other German handicrafts then you’ve come to the right place. Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with an option for consistent quality timepieces. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, striving to create both memorable and unique experiences for customers both in store and online. We import all of our authentic German beer steins from our long time trusted supplier King-Werks, ensuring we have authentic and unique beer steins for you to choose from. The products that we carry all have the hallmarks of quality and precision engineering, ensuring longevity that customers have come to expect. Every year, some of our team travel directly to Germany to meet with our chosen manufacturers and trusted suppliers, discussing the latest models and products. We hand select our products individually to guarantee you the highest quality and standard. We are an authorized VdS (Verein – die Schwarzwalduhr) Black Forest Clock Association service and repair shop with an onsite clockmaker to handle any repairs. 


Please don’t hesitate to phone us for more information on any of our products or to discuss specific details in person. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your selection and provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct product for you.


Fast Delivery and Happiness Guaranteed


Shopping online with the Clock Shop guarantees a purchase that is easy, fast and secure. Your order will be carefully packed and dispatched quickly anywhere within Australia - Your happiness is our guarantee!