Christmas German Smokers

Hansel And Gretel Ginger Bread House Smoker 12cm


14cm Mona Lisa Artist Smoker By Seiffener


Magician 18cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Mailman 12cm Smoker


Santa 11cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


11cm Ball Cat Smoker By Seiffener


11cmSanta Claus in Blue and  Gold Bqall Smoker By Seiffener


12cm Dragon Dad Ball Smoker By Seiffener


14cm Bavarian Man Smoker By Seiffener


14cm Beekeeper Smoker By Seiffener


19cm Gnome with Mint In Hat  Ball Smoker By Seiffener


Baker Wooden 21cm Smoker Hand Carved By Master Carver


Benno Banjo Smoker By Graupner


Birthday Candle Holder with Flowers and Butterflys By Graupner


Captain Mini Ball 8cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Chef 12cm Smoker


Chimney Sweep 21cm Smoker Hand Carved By Master Carver


Clock Vendor 19cm Smoker


Diethelm Motor Bike Man Smoker By Graupner


Doctor Mini Ball 8cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Dwarf with Duck 10cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Dwarf with Owl 10cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Fisherman 16cm Smoker By Richard Glässer


Fishman Ball Smoker 10cm


Make Christmas Even More Fun With A Traditional German Smoker


If you love a little bit of magic at Christmas, then consider placing a traditional German Smoking Man (“Räuchermännchen'') in your house this year. Smoking men represent another great tradition that originated from the Ore Mountains, otherwise known as Erzgebirge -  a low mountain range in the east of Germany, synonymous with the creation of many fascinating Christmas decorations including Nutcracker Dolls and Christmas Pyramids.


What is a German Smoker?


Available in a huge variety of designs, typically a smoking man is an incense smoker, who features as the form of a little wooden figurine with a hollow cavity around the mouth area, in which an incense candle or cone can be placed. Once lit, take delight in watching the smoke rise out of the figurine's mouth, spreading a magical fragrance around your home and chosen space. 


Why Do Smoking Men Smoke Incense?


For five thousand years, incense, like gold spices and gems, has been revered as one of the most precious gifts of kings and emperors. The festivity of the Three Wise Men is still celebrated in Germany on January 6. Christian and Germanic folklore led people to believe that the evil spirits of the “Raunaechte” (longest nights of the year) could be driven away by noise and light (see our Christmas Pyramids). Once the devils and evil spirits had left the house, fine incense was burned to bless health and the home. So be sure to let one of our smoking men bless your home this Christmas with your desired incense fragrance.  


Consider a Smoking Man This Christmas


Wildly popular across the German Christmas markets, smoking men are a fun and treasured Christmas decoration across all of Europe. Perhaps this Christmas why not consider a traditional Christmas decoration from the heart of Germany that is both unique and different to the standard Christmas decorations that you will find across many big brand retailers in Australia. Not only will it create a talking point amongst your family and friends; it will also fill your home with the magical aura of burning incense- available in a huge range of scents to suit your exact tastes. 


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You’ll be truly amazed by our huge range of smoking men available both in store and online from the Clock Shop! Browse our extensive range of smoking men available in over 100 unique and traditional designs which include Santas, traditional smoking men, chefs and their kitchens, chimney sweeps, pilots, gnomes and so much more! 


Did you know we also stock a huge range of incense to go with your chosen smoking man? At the Clock Shop you’ll find so many wonderful types of incense fragrances on offer, including gingerbread, cinnamon, chocolate, marzipan and baked apple just to name a few. Let these wonderful scents fill your house this Christmas time to add just that little bit extra to the Christmas charm already in the air. 


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Are you looking for a very special handcrafted German Christmas keepsake that is imported directly from Germany? Why not consider the Raeuchermaenner (also known as smoke men), the Weihnachtspyramide (known as the Christmas pyramids), or perhaps even the famous benevolent protector of your home- the Nussknacker, more commonly known as the nutcracker. We also offer so much more, including Christmas snow globes, incense, candles and even advent calendars! Decorate your home into the very whimsical atmosphere that a German Christmas is world famous for no matter where you live!


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