Antique Clock Parts

Synthetic Clock Oil 615 Small (2.5 Ml)


Brass Plated Lock & Key Set


Clock And Spring Grease 850 Small (5 GrAMS)


Clock Dial Corners Gold With Black  24mm


Metal Clock Hanger


Panasonic Aa Alkaline Batteries 4 Pack


Panasonic Aaa Alkaline Batteries 4 Pack


Panasonic N Alkaline Batteries 2 Pack


Suspension Spring Screw 1.4mm x 11.5mm


Synthetic Clock Oil 615 (5ml)


Synthetic Clock Oil 615 With Applicator & Inhibitor (20ml)


Weight Shell Eye - HERMLE


Weight Shell Hook - HERMLE


Weight Shell Nut - HERMLE


Panasonic C Alkaline Batteries 2 Pack


Precision Oil For Mechanical Watches


Assorted Replacement Clock Parts

Looking for a clock part that doesn’t quite fit into any other category? Then check out our assorted clock parts category where you’ll find a large range of parts including clock oil, clock grease, replacement clock batteries, Christmas pyramid parts and much, much more. Or if you need a little bit of extra assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We would be more than happy to track down a part and order it in specifically for you.


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Has that sentimental wall clock in your home recently stopped working? Or perhaps you are looking for a specific replacement piece or movement for your beloved clock, barometer or specialty timepiece? Here at the Clock Shop, not only do we stock a huge range of clocks and quality timepieces - we also proudly stock a large range of replacement clock parts to fit most wall clocks, specialty clocks and cuckoo clocks for your home. So if you are in need of a new battery clock movement, numerals, hands, hand wind movements, barometer parts or other clock mechanisms, stop wasting your time and look no further than the Clock Shop.


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