Wall Clocks

40cm Stone Inlay & Charcoal Wall Clock With Glass Dial By AMS


20cm Wickford Pink Children's Time Teaching Wall Clock By ACCTIM


20cm Wickford Red Children's Time Teaching Wall Clock By ACCTIM


26cm Alma Blue Children's Time Teaching Wall Clock By ACCTIM


30.5cm Komfort Silent Wall Clock With Weather Dials By ACCTIM


30cm White Silent Modern Wall Clock By BRAUN


31cm Wrought Iron Indoor / Outdoor Wall Clock With Weather Dials By AMS


33cm Belmont Brushed Metal Round Wall Clock By ACCTIM


40cm Stone Inlay & Wood Grain Wall Clock With Glass Dial By AMS


40cm White & Black Hunter Cat Modern Wall Clock By ARTI E MESTIERI


48.5cm Louis Industrial Wall Clock By COUNTRYFIELD


60cm Grey Lotus Flower Modern Wall Clock By ARTI E MESTIERI


67cm Charcoal & Silver Pendulum Wall Clock With Silver Dial By AMS


69cm Silver & White Pendulum Wall Clock With Round Dial By AMS


70cm Beige Wave Modern Wall Clock With Pendulum By HERMLE


80cm Marinus Grey Moving Gear Wall Clock By COUNTRYFIELD

$815.00 $610.00

 Grey Industrial Wall Clock With Shelves


17cm Rustic HOME Wall Clock By AMS


17cm Rustic LOVE Wall Clock By AMS


17cm Silver/Black Round Wall Clock With Temperature By AMS


18cm Brass Ship's Bell Mechanical Nautical Clock By HERMLE

$1,458.00 $1,295.00

18cm Brass Ship's Bell Nautical Quartz Clock By HERMLE


18cm Silver Ship's Bell Mechanical Nautical Clock By HERMLE


20cm Polished Brass Nautical Quartz Clock By FISCHER


Choosing the Right Wall Clock for Your Space

Do you find happiness from decorating a space to meet a certain vibe or aesthetic, whether it be ultra-modern; homely; simplistic; beach themed; country cottage or wooden chalet to name a few? When it comes to adding personality and flair to your desired space, few things can deliver the same level of impact as a modern wall clock. Whether it's purpose is to make a bold visual statement; or to fill an empty space on a blank wall; or simply just to create an elegant way to tell the time, modern clock designs lend themselves perfectly to spaces of all kinds. Here at the Clock Shop we offer a huge range of large wall clocks in a variety of decorative styles and colours to enhance the ambience of any room of the house- whether it be your lounge room, kitchen, bedroom or home office. Choosing the right clock can make all the difference when completing the look and feel of a particular space.



Top Tips for Purchasing Your Next Decorative Wall Clock


How can you be sure that when you purchase your next contemporary wall clock, you will receive precisely what you want out of the transaction? Some forethought combined with a careful approach to your shopping experience can ensure that the results are exactly what you envisioned. Here are some top tips for getting more value out of purchasing your next contemporary wall clock:

  • Size does matter! Consider your space carefully and determine what sort of statement you are hoping to make. Whilst bigger items offer an eye-catching statement piece to enhance a room, sometimes it is the smaller, more delicate wall clocks that can add understated elegance and enhance your room’s overall look. Small clocks in bright and exciting colours present a fun addition to any child's bedroom, providing a splash of colour to the room to enhance the room’s overall energy; whilst on the other hand, simple, functional and sleek designs can be incorporated into a modern space both for practicality and a modern touch
  • Take careful measurements. It's important to understand the shape and size of the space in which you'd like to place a new clock. Think about how much space you will need to leave, and size the clock appropriately for a neat appearance. 
  • Consider different clock dials to match one to your preferred aesthetic. Do you prefer regular numbers or classic Roman numerals? What about no numbers at all? The choice is all yours.


Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Wall Clocks for Sale in Australia


Despite their best efforts, some people end up with a clock that doesn't fully satisfy their preferences or meet their interior design goals for a particular space. Leave your trust with our friendly team who are happy to assist you with your selection, and be mindful to watch out for these common mistakes:

  • Purchasing a clock that is too big or too small. Even with reliable measurements, you may think that a larger clock will be a strong fit without accounting for a cushion of blank space, or you may go too far in the opposite direction and end up with a clock that’s swallowed by the surrounding walls. Once you have selected a clock that you absolutely love, find an object of similar size for comparison purposes so that you can get a sense of your clock’s exact presence in a room before you buy. 
  • Missing the opportunity to look at the type of movement in each clock. Want to hear that gentle ticking noise? Look for clocks that haven't gone silent—and if you prefer mechanical, always look to see if the movement is quartz (battery operated). 
  • Choosing designs that don't mesh well with the rest of the decor. Whilst we strive to provide timeless products in terms of style, always consider whether your surrounding décor will enhance or detract from the style legacy of your clock. 


How to Choose a Wall Clock for Your Home or Office


Whether you’re looking for a classic wall clock to represent the good ol’ days, or a modern timepiece to match your fresh, new décor, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Clock Shop , we have been helping customers throughout Australia to find and purchase some of the finest timepieces available in the country since 1993. Let us help you enliven the décor of your home with a beautiful wall clock. 

When it comes to shopping for wall clocks, you have a lot of different options to choose from. The style of wall clock design truly runs the gamut, from classic, through to old-time favourites like the cuckoo or chiming clock, to more modern or contemporary designs. Here at the Clock Shop, we are proud to offer you a selection that spans this entire range. 


Think about what you are trying to achieve: What kind of effect are you trying to create with your wall clock. A common story that we hear at the Clock Shop is that customers remember their parents or grandparents having a big, grand, loud grandfather clock against the wall. They cherish these memories and the feelings associated with the clock and the sounds made- from cuckoos to westminster chimes to the gentle tick-tock of the second hand. You may want to recreate these feelings again with a classic clock, or you might prefer to synthesise them with the hallmarks of modern design. Either way, thinking about the effect you want the clock to have in your home will help you narrow your search and select something you will love for many years to come. 


Time to Choose the Right Large Decorative Wall Clock for You!


So by now you have read all of our tips and information regarding wall clocks, and feel confident in purchasing that new addition for your space. That's great! Check out our simple step by step process below to help you narrow down your options even further:


  1. Ask yourself, do you want a classic or modern wall clock? This should really narrow your search and help to point you in the right direction
  2. What design will suit your space? Retro? Skeleton? Modern? With so many choices, have a good think about what design of wall clock will really suit your space.
  3. Are you looking for a battery operated wall clock or a mechanical wall clock?
  4. Sound or no sound? Some of our wall clocks chime and cuckoo whereas some don’t make a sound at all. What will suit your space better?
  5. Measure your space! Some of our large wall clocks are BIG! We provide dimensions for all of our clocks so you can make sure you measure twice and buy once.
  6. Finally, make sure you choose a style that you love, because in choosing a timepiece that you are truly attracted to, this will create character in your home. You can be assured of a modern wall clock of the highest quality when you shop from the Clock Shop, which will ultimately stand the test of time, lasting for many years to come.


Related Services We Provide for Our Wall Clocks

In addition to selling modern wall clocks online to any location within Australia, the Clock Shop also offers a variety of related services, including:

  • Warranty coverage: Whilst we source most of our clocks from Germany, we also back them with a local warranty. So if you encounter an issue during the warranty period, you can take comfort in knowing that an Australian warranty fully protects your clock.
  • Repairs and maintenance: We have an onsite clockmaker who provides a full repair service for your clock if need be.


One final tip! To prevent damage in case repairs are needed or if you’re moving house it is always worth taking photos as you unpack the clock to ensure you can replicate the packing. We also recommend keeping the original box if possible.


Why Buy a Wall Clock From the Clock Shop?


Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with an option for consistent quality timepieces. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, striving to create both memorable and unique experiences for customers both in store and online. We import the majority of our wall clocks from a number of regions in Germany including the Black Forest, with a handful of products also being sourced from a number of European countries as well as from the UK and even here in Australia. The wall clocks that we carry all have the hallmarks of quality and precision engineering, ensuring longevity that customers have come to expect. 


Every year, some of our team travel directly to Germany to meet with our chosen manufacturers and trusted suppliers, discussing and selecting the latest models of clocks with master carvers and clock manufacturers. We hand select our products individually to guarantee you the highest quality and standard. We are an authorized VdS (Verein – die Schwarzwalduhr) Black Forest Clock Association service and repair shop with an onsite clockmaker to handle any repairs. 


Please don’t hesitate to phone us for more information on any of our products or to discuss specific details in person. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your selection and provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct product for you.



Fast Delivery and Happiness Guaranteed

Shopping online with the Clock Shop guarantees a purchase that is easy, fast and secure. No matter where you live in Australia, whether it be Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane or even more rural parts of Australia, buy with confidence knowing that your order will be carefully packed and dispatched in a timely manner - Your happiness is our guarantee!