Where are your clocks made?

We import the majority of our products from the Black Forest Region in Germany, with a handful of products also being sourced from a number of European countries, the UK and Australia. Every year, some of our team travel directly to Germany to meet with our chosen manufacturers and trusted suppliers, discussing new models and products with master carvers from the Black Forest, ensuring a range of products to suit a range of budgets and decor. 

Can you recommend a replacement quartz movement for my clock?

In order to find a correct replacement you will need to gather specific information which can be difficult to explain via email or phone. For this reason, we no longer suggest possible clock movement replacements. Please follow the steps below to assist you:

  1. Watch our guided DIY video, which provides you with the correct measurements and specifications required to find a replacement movement, which you can then purchase on our website. Click here to watch the video.
  2. Read our step by step DIY clock movement replacement guide that guides you through the process of changing a clock movement (with pictures)
  3. Send your original movement to us (and hands if necessary), along with a note detailing what you require and your contact details so we can assist you in finding a suitable replacement. We will then be in contact with a quote.

If posting youre movement, please send to:

Clock Shop

194 Main St, Montville, QLD 4560

What is the difference between a "mechanical movement" and a “quartz movement”?

Mechanical clock movements are either spring driven or run by weights under the clock. To keep the clocks running the clock needs to be wound by either winding the springs with a key or by pulling up the weights. Quartz clocks on the other hand are battery operated.

In some cases, there are mechanical clocks that use the variation in air pressure to wind the clock instead. These are known as ATMOS clocks.

Other mechanical movements include watch movements. Some are wound by turning the crown, whilst others are self-winding and are known as Automatic movements. These automatic movements are wound by the movement of the watch as it moves with your arm. So once you take the watch off, the spring will wind down and eventually stop. To keep the watch wound, it must be worn, placed in a watch winder or wound up manually.

What is the difference between a "1-day clock" and an "8-day clock"?

Mechanical clock movements are either spring driven or run by weights under the clock. In both cases, to keep the clocks running, the clock needs to be wound by either winding the spring with a key or by pulling up the weights. For a "1-day" clock this function must be performed each day whereas an "8-day" clock only requires winding once a week.

There are other movements that are not as common, including “30-day” movements, and in the case of  the original anniversary clocks (also known as 400 day clocks), these are wound just once a year. 

What is the difference between a step and a sweep movement?

Do your clock hands tick or move continuously around the dial? If the hands tick, this is known as a step movement; whereas if the hands move continuously, this is referred to as a sweeping movement. 

What type of wood is used to make the cases of your clocks?

All of the wood carvings for our cuckoo clocks are made from linden wood or local pine species from the Black Forest in Germany. Grandfather clocks and wall clocks are made from various different timbers such as oak, erle and cherry. Different stains are used to achieve distinct wood colours, for example; light oak, rustic oak, dark oak, walnut, mahogany, German cherry and more…

How do I know whether my cuckoo clock is authentic?

We are an authorized VdS (Verein – die Schwarzwalduhr) Black Forest Clock Association ( http://www.black-forest.org/) service and repair shop with an onsite clockmaker to handle any repairs. The members of the "VDS" are manufacturers, dealers and suppliers who offer a certificate of authenticity for all clocks with a mechanical movement made in the Black Forest. In order to provide customers with this certificate of authenticity, the product must be produced authentically and exclusively from the Black Forest, and must be working purely mechanically with all of its essential working parts to have also been produced in the Black Forest as well. 

Can I custom order a clock to my specifications?

Yes, absolutely. As we work directly with our chosen manufacturers in Germany, we can certainly request special details to be added or changed according to your specifications. Due to customs and importing limitations, there are some restrictions to what is possible, however most requests can be met.

On occasions we also design our own clocks and have them made as limited Clock Shop editions. If you are interested in designing a clock or requesting specific colours, features or movements please contact us by email at enquiries@clockshop.com.au.

Do you price match?

Yes we price match. 

If you would like to place an order in our online store but you have seen the same product available at a lower cost in another online store, please let us know! Send an email to: enquiries@clockshop.com.au


To make sure your email is processed quickly, please provide the following details:

  1. The full name of the online store
  2. The product code of the item
  3. The total price including delivery
  4. A direct link to the item on the comparative online store


The clock must be new, free of damage and in original packaging. Delivery charges need to be included. After verifying that another online store is offering the same article at a better price than clockshop.com.au you will receive an updated offer. We do not offer refunds, partial or otherwise, for clocks purchased and then price matched.


Price Match Terms:

Our Price Match Guarantee applies to items delivered to you in Australia. This includes any GST, import duty, fumigation and clearance charges applicable.  The guarantee does not apply to ‘clearance’ items sold online and applies to NEW factory fresh clocks in the original box from the factory. EBay auctions or other auctions are excluded, these are potentially display items, re-boxed and dispatched from on-sellers.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world on request. Prior to making an order online, please contact us via email at support@clockshop.com.au where we will be able to accurately calculate freight costs, comprehensive insurance, and process the international order for you in a timely manner. Please be aware that international shipping times have dramatically increased since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Does my clock come with a warranty?

We provide a 2 Year (24 months) warranty (see your warranty card for more detail). Some clock and watch manufacturers limit the warranty to 12 months however where applicable this is clearly stated in the product description. The clocks are also insured against transportation loss or damage however damage caused due to improper use of the clock is the customer’s responsibility.

What do I do if my clock is faulty?

Please contact us via email at support@clockshop.com.au with all relevant information relating to your order, so we can provide further instruction for the return of your item/s. For more detailed information please refer to our returns policy.  

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! To view our full comprehensive refund policy, click here.

Can I buy your Christmas items all year long?

Yes! The spirit of Christmas is always alive at the Clock Shop. Browse through the Clock Shop's huge range of authentic Christmas decorations at any time, all year round. 

What about my privacy?

We have a very transparent and comprehensive privacy policy which details exactly how we use customer data in accordance to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You can view our policy here - https://www.clockshop.com.au/privacy_policy