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Hand-Carved With Passion

Have you been searching for an item to compliment your unique and perhaps Bavarian themed home decor space? Consider our range of original and authentic wooden carvings from the Black Forest Region in Germany, which include many limited edition figurines, each hand carved by a number of master carvers direct from the heart of the Black Forest in Germany. 


When you purchase any of these wooden sculptures online or in store from the Clock Shop, you are truly buying something unique that has been crafted with great passion and attention to detail. Many of these collectable figures tell a unique story, such as the hand-carved clock peddler who is a famous figurehead in Germany.


A Brief History of the Clock Peddler


The story of the clock peddler dates back hundreds of years to a time when artisans would spend the long winters crafting cuckoo clocks, before travelling far and wide in the springtime to sell their unique creations. 

Today the clock peddler is celebrated as a prominent symbol of the success that the cuckoo clock industry has seen throughout the years, paying homage to artisans from a time long since passed.


Artisan Wooden Carvings From the Black Forest


Shop our fantastic range of original wooden carvings that includes the famous clock peddler; a dancing couple, fisherman and hunter statues amongst others. Be sure to also marvel at our fascinating hand-carved and hand-painted masks - truly once-in-a-lifetime products that you won't find anywhere else in the world!


Looking for More Authentic German Gifts and Collectables?


Immerse yourself in the unique German culture and browse the best range of traditional inspired collectables and gifts that range from traditional cow bells, figurines, German hats, suspenders and bracers, cuckoo clock magnets, traditional music, porcelain miniatures, toys & whistles, jewellery, carved statues, Oktoberfest themed items, and much, much more, all available in Australia online at the Clock Shop.


Buy from a Trusted Retailer - The Clock Shop


With a large selection of authentic hand carved and painted wooden carvings on offer,  look no further than the Clock Shop to find your true, authentic piece of German craftsmanship. Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with an option for consistent quality timepieces and the finest German handicrafts. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, striving to create both memorable and unique experiences for customers both in store and online. We import all of our hand-made carvings from master carvers in Germany’s Black Forest region. The products that we carry all have the hallmarks of quality and precision engineering, ensuring longevity that customers have come to expect. Every year, some of our team travel directly to Germany to meet with our chosen manufacturers and trusted suppliers, discussing new models and products with master carvers. We hand select our wooden carvings individually to guarantee you the highest quality and standard. 


Please don’t hesitate to phone us for more information on any of our products or to discuss specific details in person. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your selection and provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct product for you.


Fast Delivery and Happiness Guaranteed


Shopping online with the Clock Shop guarantees a purchase that is easy, fast and secure. No matter where you live in Australia, whether it be Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane or even more rural parts of Australia, buy with confidence knowing that your order will be carefully packed and dispatched in a timely manner - Your happiness is our guarantee!