Master Crafted

207cm Dark Oak Grandfather Clock With Triple Chime & Hand Painted Dial By SCHNEIDER


210cm Walnut Grandfather Clock With Triple Chime By SCHNEIDER


Hunting Scene With Boar Head 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 51cm By GERHARD SCHMIEDER


Mini Dwarf House 1 Day Mechanical Clock 22cm by GERHARD SCHMIEDER


Railroad House Gothic 8 Day Mechanical Cuckoo Clock 48cm By GERHARD SCHMIEDER


Tellurium II Mantel Clock in Piano Black & Nickel 35cm By HERMLE


Tellurium III Mantel Clock in Antique Walnut 38cm By HERMLE


207cm Mahogany Grandfather Clock With Triple Chime & Shelves By SCHNEIDER


207cm Walnut Grandfather Clock With Triple Chime & Shelves By SCHNEIDER


210cm Walnut Grandfather Clock With Triple Chime & Dancers By SCHNEIDER


After The Hunt 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock With Deer Head 45cm By Master Carvers Club


Church Tower 8 Day Mechanical Chalet Cuckoo Clock 68cm By ANDREAS KREBS


Clock Peddler 1 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 42cm By Master Carvers Club


Dwarf House 8 Day Mechanical Mushroom Cuckoo Clock 60cm By GERHARD SCHMIEDER


Love Birds 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 62cm By HERR


Railroad House 8 Day Mechanical Cuckoo Clock 101cm By HERR


High Quality Hand Crafted Black Forest Clocks

There is no doubt about it, master crafted clocks are in a league of their own. The finished products are truly spectacular, and the journey from the design and the planning stages, to receiving the finished product is wonderful to watch. There are only few master crafters today in the Black Forest who still produce such exquisite individual hand crafted products, with names such as Gerhard Schmieder, Andreas Krebs, Oliver Zinapold, Robert Herr and Schneider Gehäus well known for producing high end truly unique timepieces. To own a master crafted timepiece is very special- these one of a kind items are each unique in their own way.

Master Carvers Club

In 2005, Gerhard Schmieder, Oliver Zinapold, and some associates founded the Master Carvers Club (MCC). Based in the middle of the Black Forest in a scenic town called Triberg, the Master Carvers Club represents the essence of high quality, exclusiveness and true handicraft of cuckoo clock production, ensuring that every single clock produced is truly unique and one of a kind. In a world where the number of local wood carvers and sculptors are declining, the Master Carver Club produces clocks for well known Black Forest clock manufacturers, where the appreciation for true craftsmanship and artistic quality reigns high. The products produced by the Master Carvers Club cannot be mass produced, they are all original one of a kind items. It is qualities such as these that the Masters Carvers Club are proud of.

Schneider Gehäuse | High Quality German Clocks Since 1928

Schneider Gehäuse is a German based brand that specialises in producing high quality grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table clocks which they export all over the world. Established in 1928, the Schneider family has been constructing clock casings for almost a century, and is now in the fourth generation. This extensive and decades-long experience guarantees a finished product of the highest quality. Tradition, trust and service are central values for a company that we admire and have a strong relationship with. Schneider Gehäuse are well known for creating single, customized and individual commissions for customers from a range of technical casings and cabinets which are produced in a wide range of finishes. Their products are constantly improved and developed with a fine eye for detail.