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Anniversary Clock Buying Guide

Contrary to popular belief, anniversary clocks weren’t designed to be anniversary gifts—though they could be perfectly suited for such a purpose. Instead, the original clocks were designed to last from one winding to the "anniversary" of the next, a timespan that can be as long as 400 days!

Featuring a spinning pendulum that twirls back and forth at the base of the clock, these treasures are both elegant in design and make excellent conversation starters and beautiful additions to any home. Here at Clock Shop, we make finding that perfect anniversary clock an easy and enjoyable experience. 


Key Points on Anniversary Clocks

If you aren't familiar with anniversary clocks, you may benefit from learning a few tips and pointers before you make your purchase:

  • Original mechanical anniversary clocks were designed rarely needing to be wound, and as such they did not require frequent attention. A single full winding provided a year's worth of motion or more. Anniversary clocks from the Clock Shop are all battery operated allowing some models to also include bim bam and 4/4 Westminster chime settings
  • German made quartz movements ensure that your anniversary clock will keep accurate timing. Unlike traditional mechanical anniversary clocks, you won’t need to wind or adjust the timekeeping, just remember to change the batteries every year. Treat your clock as a keepsake item and pass it down through the generations of your family—they make a perfect memento and are "timeless" in their own right


High Quality Anniversary Clocks

Here at Clock Shop, we take quality and customer satisfaction seriously. As a small family-run business, your experience matters to us more than most. With that in mind, what should you expect from our service?

  • Heirloom-level quality, no matter which anniversary clock you select. We take care to choose only the finest products for our customers, and our anniversary clocks are no different. You'll find true quality in their craftsmanship
  • Precision engineering that will allow your clock to continue to run without your attention. The special spring mechanism used for these clocks is crafted of a clever design, but it takes skill to produce them—and that skill is on full display in the range of clocks available from the Clock Shop
  • Secure, prompt shipping to allow you to enjoy your new purchase as soon as possible. We take care to package your orders carefully so that every clock arrives in pristine condition


Why Buy an Anniversary Clock from Clock Shop?

Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with an option for consistent quality timepieces. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, striving to create both memorable and unique experiences for customers both in store and online. We import the majority of our table clocks from a number of regions in Germany including the Black Forest, from our reputable and trusted suppliers. The products that we carry all have the hallmarks of quality and precision engineering, ensuring longevity that customers have come to expect. Every year, some of our team travel directly to Germany to meet with our chosen manufacturers and trusted suppliers, discussing new models and products with master carvers. We hand select our products individually to guarantee you the highest quality and standard. Please don’t hesitate to phone us for more information on any of our products or to discuss specific details in person. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your selection and provide you with all the information you need to choose the correct product for you.


Fast Delivery and Happiness Guaranteed

Shopping online with the Clock Shop guarantees a purchase that is easy, fast and secure. No matter where you live in Australia, buy with confidence knowing that your order will be carefully packed and dispatched in a timely manner - Your happiness is our guarantee!