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How To Change A Clock Mechanism | DIY Clock Movement Guide

Please watch our step by step video guide to diagnosing and fixing the movement on your battery operated wall clock



Step-By-Step DIY Clock Movement Replacement Guide

Please read our supplementary blog which guides you (with pictures) through a step by step guide to replacing a quartz clock movement


Mechanical Cuckoo Clock Unboxing & Set-Up Guide

This step by step video will help guide you through all of the steps required to set up your mechanical cuckoo clock from the unboxing process through to troubleshooting main issues you might encounter.



Mechanical Cuckoo Clock Hand Adjustment Guide

In this video we take you through how to adjust the hands and set the time on your mechanical cuckoo clock. 



Choose The Right Cuckoo Clock For You | Cuckoo Clock Buying Guide

This buying guide for cuckoo clocks will help you find the perfect black forest cuckoo clock to suit your desired space



The Ultimate Cuckoo Clock Guide Blog:

Read our blog about cuckoo clocks:

The Ultimate Cuckoo Clock Buying Guide



An Introduction To Traditional Wall Clocks

This video takes you into the world of traditional wall clocks, which can be an amazing addition to the home, offering an old world charm that many modern wall clocks can't achieve.



The Ultimate Cuckoo Traditional Wall Clock Blog:

Read our blog about traditional wall clocks:

The Case Of The Traditional Wall Clock


Grandfather Clock Buying Guide | What To Look For In A Grandfather Clock

In this ultimate guide to grandfather clocks we will be exploring the many different features of grandfather clocks, from the cabinetry and design, to the traditional and contemporary looks, through movement types and the different grandfather clock chimes, at a range of different price points and features.



Grandfather Clock Blog:

Read our blog about grandfather clocks:

Everything you need to know about grandfather clocks


Tide Clocks:

Read our blog on how tide clocks work via the link below:

A Quick Guide To Tide Clocks


Clock Repairs:

Looking for a place to service or repair your clock? We have an on-site repair workshop operated by a very experienced clock maker. Follow the link below for more details:

On-site Clock Repairs