Barrel Organ By Jäger & Brommer - Limited Edition

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Height: 42.0cmWidth: 48.5cmDepth: 32.0cm

Jäger & Brommer | Custom Made Organs

Immaculate attention to detail is easily apparent with this exquisite Brother Brothers 2008 Barrel Organ, handcrafted by world class organ builders Jäger & Brommer. This spectacular item features a solid walnut wood case that has been jointed by hand and provided with inlaid straps. The feature stage on the barrel organ includes a rotating mechanism with two pairs of dancing figurines, and an organ grinder in the middle. The organ grinder also features a dancing monkey who turns in a circle around his feet. The figurines have all been elaborately hand carved and are featured in Waldkirch traditional costumes of the Black Forest. 

The technical equipment of this fascinating item includes the following: 

  • 20 covered wooden pipes
  • 20-note tape system
  • Forward and backward feature for the piano rolls
  • Solid walnut case
  • Real wood inlays
  • Figure stage with moving figurines
  • Removable hand forged drive crank
  • Measurements: 42cm x 48.5cm x 32cm

What sets this barrel organ apart is that the entire piece has been crafted by Jäger & Brommer who have seen the project through from start to completion. The combination of the design, creativity and attention to detail that Jäger & Brommer encompasses truly represents what the essence of Black Forest high class workmanship is all about.

Take A Closer Listen To This Barrel Organ


Master Organ Builders

The company Jäger & Brommer is run by master organ builders and passionate musicians Heinz Jäger and Wolfgang Brommer, and was founded in 1988. Whilst Jäger specialises in sound production and construction and is the great-grandson of Orchestrion factory owners of Gebrueder Weber, Waldkirch; whilst Brommer was born into a family of musicians, being a musician himself. He focuses on production and management of church organs and barrel organs to see them through to completion. 

Jäger & Brommer barrel organs are based on over 200 years of history and organ building tradition in their warehouse in a small town called Waldkirch, located 15kms North of Freiburg in the Black Forest of Germany - a region renowned for master carvers and creators of cuckoo clocks and barrel organs. 

As the company so eloquently describes it: “Classic craftsmanship and modern technology, tradition and innovation - that is the recipe with which instrument makers have always been successful; it makes the difference between a violin and a Stradivarius, a guitar and a Maccaferri, a piano and a Steinway grand piano. Or between a barrel organ and a Jäger & Brommer organ”.

A Brief History Of The Barrel Organ

Barrel organs occupy a special place in the early development of musical instruments. Invented in 1820, they can be considered the first digital musical instrument, well before the invention of the synthesizer, this is due to the sound which is controlled by punched tape.  

A barrel organ (also called roller organ or crank organ) is a French mechanical musical barrel instrument consisting of bellows and one or more ranks of pipes housed in a decorative wooden case, usually of wood, and often highly decorated. Sound is produced by turning a handle which raises levers, which allows wind into one or more ranks or organ pipes, with the handle simultaneously actuates the bellows. Notes are arranged inside by particular pins which produce beautiful and unique melodies. Each barrel organ can play 10 or more tunes. The size of the barrel will depend on the number of notes in the organ and the length of the tune to be played. The more notes, the longer the barrel. The longer the tune, the greater the diameter. A person (or in some cases, a trained animal) which plays a barrel organ is known as an organ grinder. 

There were many larger versions located in churches, fairgrounds, music halls, and other large establishments such as sports arenas and theaters. The large barrel organs were often powered by very heavy weights and springs, like a more powerful version of a longcase clock. They could also be hydraulically powered, with a turbine or water wheel arrangement giving the mechanical force to turn the barrel and pump the bellows. The last barrel organs were electrically powered, or converted to electrical power.

Traditionally, large barrel organs were found mostly in churches across Europe, gaining popularity in the 20th century as street organs and fairground organs, as well as feature items at modern day German Christmas markets.

Why Shop at the Clock Shop?

Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with the number one option for consistent quality timepieces. Don’t believe us? Check out our company reviews!

If you’re looking to purchase an authentic German made barrel organ in Australia, then we offer an exquisite choice in our Jäger & Brommer barrel organ on offer. 

When you purchase a barrel organ from us, you will be guaranteed a product that is authentic in origin, sourced directly from Germany, and crafted of the highest quality. These beautiful and unique hand carved pieces date back to the 1800’s, and are still manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany today. 


Whilst we do our best to accurately capture all products to best represent their natural appearance, the colour and finish of this product may vary slightly from the images on our website.

SKU 20031084
Brand Jäger & Brommer
Height 42.0cm
Width 48.5cm
Depth 32.0cm
Type Barrel Organs
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