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Fox & Grapes Battery Carved Cuckoo Clock 38cm By ENGSTLER


Nestled amongst the picturesque landscape of the Black Forest in Germany, lies the workshop of Engstler. For over 70 years, this family-run business has been captivating the world with their exquisite timepieces, particularly the iconic cuckoo clock. But Engstler's story goes beyond the charming call of the cuckoo bird; it's a story of tradition, innovation, and a deep-rooted legacy for clock-making.


A Legacy Built on Craftsmanship

Founded in 1952 by Josef Engstler, the company has been passed down through generations, with Gerold Engstler currently leading the charge as the third-generation owner. Each Engstler clock is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and high attention to detail. Skilled clockmakers handcraft each piece, using high-quality materials and traditional techniques learnt over the decades. This dedication to excellence results in timepieces that are not just functional, but enduring works of art.


A Range Of Clocks To Suit Everybody

While specialising with the iconic cuckoo clock, Engstler's repertoire extends far beyond these beloved timepieces. They offer a diverse range of clocks, catering to various tastes and preferences. Here is a look at some of their main timepieces that they produce:


  • Mechanical Cuckoo Clocks: Featuring intricate mechanisms and the classic well known cuckoo call, these timeless pieces embody the very essence of the Black Forest tradition, that require mechanical winding either every 1 day or 8 days. 

Bears 1 Day Mechanical Chalet Cuckoo Clock 25cm By ENGSTLER


  • Quartz Cuckoo Clocks: Combining the charm of the cuckoo call with the convenience and accuracy of modern quartz technology, Engstlers range of quartz cuckoo clocks offer the best of both worlds. Engstler produces quartz cuckoo clocks in a range of styles, both modern and traditional.

5 Leaf & Bird With Blue Flowers Battery Carved Cuckoo Clock With Dancers 37cm By ENGSTLER


  • Chalet Cuckoo Clocks: Engstler's vast collection also features a variety of chalet-style cuckoo clocks. Chalet cuckoo clocks are the most famous and common type of cuckoo clock, and are often shaped as alpine houses and feature carvings that represent life in the mountain region of Europe (mainly around Southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Chalet style cuckoo clocks can range from simple arrangements of carved features to very detailed scenes with many moving parts (known as automaton). 

Bell Ringer, Waterwheel And Dancers Battery Chalet Cuckoo Clock 36cm By ENGSTLER


  • German Mini Clocks & Kuckulinos: Engstler's collection also encompasses a variety of kuckulinos, German Mini and traditional swinging doll clocks, showcasing their commitment to design and quality across a variety of styles.

Heidi House Battery Chalet Kuckulino With Swinging Doll 16cm By ENGSTLER



  • Novelty Clocks: Engstler are known for embracing new ideas and technologies, including producing a number of novelty clocks suitable for children. This blend of tradition and innovation ensures their clocks remain relevant and appealing to contemporary audiences as well as younger audiences, preserving their legacy while embracing the changing world of the future.

Dog Battery Clock With Moving Eyes 15cm By ENGSTLER


  • Keeping to Traditions: Engstler embodies a variety of traditional hunting cuckoo clocks in hunting styles, including the famous β€˜Before The Hunt’; and β€˜After the Hunt’ scenes, which depict intricate scenes from a hunter's perspective, both before the hunt has started, along with after the hunt has finished. These contrasting scenes not only add a unique narrative element to the cuckoo clock but also showcase the skilled craftsmanship of woodcarvers who bring these unique scenes to life.

Left: Before The Hunt 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 40cm By ENGSTLER

Right: After The Hunt 1 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 40cm By ENGSTLER

Owning A Piece of History

Owning an Engstler clock is more than just acquiring a timepiece; it's an investment into the legacy of craftsmanship and a connection to the rich heritage of the Black Forest. Each timepiece embodies the dedication, passion, and expertise of generations of skilled artisans. Whether you're captivated by the nostalgic charm of the cuckoo call or appreciate the variety of their other timepieces, an Engstler clock is sure to add a touch of magic to your home for many years to come.

So, if you're searching for an authentic timepiece that embraces a rich heritage of Black Forest craftsmanship, look no further than Engstler. Their creations are a testament to the power of tradition, innovation, and a deep love for the art of timekeeping.


The Best Seller

The charming 5 Leaf & Bird Battery Cuckoo Clock By Engstler is a genuine, high quality hand-crafted Black Forest cuckoo clock that just so happens to be our most popular model! Measuring 22 cm in height*, this beautiful clock features a bird carving along with an arrangement of 5 leaves adorning the clock’s body, a design commonly featured on many of the early cuckoo clocks and still make up one of the most popular styles of cuckoo clock carving today. The ornamental leaves around the front of the clock are characteristic of the traditionally carved cuckoo clocks. This beautifully designed clock is a delightfully charming timepiece, suitable for those looking for a quartz battery cuckoo clock that is reliable at keeping time, whilst keeping in design features using carving methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years. 

5 Leaf & Bird Battery Carved Cuckoo Clock 22cm By ENGSTLER



Clock Shop's Enduring Partnership With Engstler

Clock Shop boasts a deep-rooted and long lasting relationship with renowned clockmaker Engstler, proudly showcasing nearly 100 Engstler timepieces on our website. This partnership spans generations, as evidenced by the recent visit to Germany by Daniel Hoffman, current owner of Clock Shop, alongside his father, Phil Hoffman, the previous owner. This visit outlines Clock Shops commitment to maintaining a strong bond with Engstler, ensuring a seamless transition as Clock Shop continues the family legacy. By choosing Clock Shop to purchase your next Engstler clock, you will be guaranteed a timepiece that is authentic of origin and crafted in the Black Forest of Germany. 

Image: Dan Hoffman and Phil Hoffman visiting Engstler at the trade fair in Germany

January 2024


Celebrating Engstler

To celebrate our relationship with Engstler, we are offering 5% off all Engstler clocks for the entire month of March. Shop the full range now. 


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