Romba Cuckoo clocks by Rombach and Haas

Rombach & Haas has become one of the most popular producers of cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest region. Because of their quality and the beautiful designs in which their clocks are formed, their customer base is now worldwide. Collectors from around the world are awed by the beautiful designs and attention to detail that go into each cuckoo clock from the Rombach & Haas workshops. With more than 100 years of experience, the Rombach & Haas cuckoo clocks have the sophistication and quality to last for many years.

When entering the company’s manufacturing facility, one instantly feels taken back to the beginning of the history of cuckoo clocks. Founded in 1894, the company is now managed in the fourth generation by Ingolf and Conny Haas. The inside of the building has not changed much. Workbenches from the 18th century are still in use, the clockmakers walk on the original wooden floors and the components are still taken from drawers with porcelain knobs, which were already used more than 100 years ago to store similar parts. Ingolf Haas works hard to maintain the historic work atmosphere and promises to continue to ensure all timepieces to be manufactured in this unique ambiance.

“Romba” clocks have made a name for themselves worldwide in terms of quality, design, inventiveness and diversity. “Rombach & Haas” also came up with the idea to expand the supply of shield-clocks (1st generation) and traditional cuckoo clocks (2nd generation) by a new production line – modern cuckoo clocks in a timely design (3rd generation) in 2005.

Ingolf Haas“The cuckoo clock remains a loved characteristic of German product, which is in demand worldwide,” says Haas “however the style of living has changed and a usual cuckoo clock, decorated with wooden carvings does not fit into every living space. Therefore we have created a new generation of this timepiece after 160 years of consistency. Of course this does not mean that we are not still producing traditional products.”

One is astonished, when looking at the mostly simple designed clocks, which naturally still have a calling cuckoo bird. Inside the industry this new line has been named a “small revolution”.

Conny HaasBecause of Ingolf’s wife Conny, who has devoted her life to clock painting for almost 30 years and whose shield clocks have a worldwide degree of popularity, Rombach & Haas is able to offer even another highlight – artistically painted single pieces. Not only the gap between art and art craftsmanship is being breached, individuality is linked to artistic skill, which created unique timepieces. The variety in motives is endless and the customer is even able to include personal taste for example a hobby, landscapes, buildings or a company logo a hand painted modern cuckoo clock.

Including the three children of the couple, the fifth generation is already at the starting point to lead the traditional business into the future.

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