Benno Banjo Incense Smoker By Graupner


Birthday Candle Holder with Flowers and Butterflys By Graupner


Carousel Pyramid with Tealigh 30cm By Graupner


Child In Kitchen Music Box - Tune Mozart's Toy Symphony By Graupner


Christmas Tree Hanging Christmas Decoration 7.5cm By Graupner


Imp Child Boy Blonde - GRAUPNER - 4338.6


Nativity Manger With Melchior By GRAUPNER


Navitiy Music Box Hand Crank - Tune Silent Night By Graupner


Santa Boot Angel with Musical Instruments Christmas Decoration 7cm By Graupner


Santa Claus 23cm Pyramid By Graupner


Santa House with Work Shop Hanging Christmas Decoration 7.4cm By Graupner


Santa in Plane Hanging Christmas Decoration 6.2cm By Graupner


Santa in Ring Christmas Decoration 8cm By Graupner


Santa in Truck Christmas Decoration 5cm By Graupner


Sepp Incense Smoker By Graupner


Christmas Market Pyramid with Tealight By Graupner


Diethelm Motor Bike Man Smoker By Graupner


Nativity 3 Tiers 35cm Pyramid By Graupner


Navitiy Music Box Tune Silent Night By Graupner


Santa Boot Angel with Rabbit Christmas Decoration 7cm By Graupner


Santa Boot Angel with Train Christmas Decoration 7cm By Graupner


Santa Boot Angel with Tricycle Christmas Decoration 7cm By Graupner


Santa Claus Pyramid with Tealight By Graupner


Santa Claus with Baby Jesus Music Box Tune Santa Claus is Coming to Town By Graupner


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Traditional Erzgebirge Style Christmas Wooden Toys

As a small craft workshop based in Crottendorf in the Erzgebirge mountains of Germany, it is the goal of German producer Grapuner to offer a unique selection of exceptional wooden miniatures which have been manufactured in traditional Erzgebirge style, a region lovingly referred to the region known as “Christmas land”. The interplay of natural wood and bright inviting colours is one of the key features of Grapuners designs. Colour design is carried out and new ideas are formed in close co-operation with local Erzgebirge designer Katrin Baumann. Through a meticulous and careful design and finishing process, the manufacturers then make sure that the finished products are flawless.

Traditional Crafts Made With Love and Character

Traditional German Christmas crafts originated in the Ore Mountains, otherwise known as Erzgebirge -  a low mountain range in the east of Germany more than 200 years ago. Miniatures have been a staple of the Erzgebirge toy makers since the mountains were mined for silver. Graupner strives to combine the childlike form, language and lively colours of the spirit of Christmas in their seasonal decorations. Their collection comprises of a multitude of Christmas tree decorations, candle holders and pyramids that all use the traditional themes from the Erzgebirge.


The wood for the miniatures comes from German forests and is sawn in regional mills. Depending on the desired qualities and appearance they use conifers like spruce and pine or hardwood like great maple, basswood, birch or cottonwood. Following the traditional wood turning method of the Erzgebirge, the designers of Graupner use special crafting techniques which facilitate the manufacturing of even the smallest pieces. Consisting of several small parts, the miniatures are then meticulously assembled and painted by hand using brushes, tweezers and a lot of patience and skill to produce truly unique and special products that are just right for Christmas.