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| Stay on Track With a Touch of Class

Have you been searching for a wristwatch to help keep you on track with your day to day business? Are you searching for a watch that is both stylish and affordable, a timepiece that adds a touch of class to compliment your unique style? 


Looking for Something Unique? 


Perhaps  you are looking for a wrist watch that stands out from the rest and balances both fashion and functionality - if this is the case why not consider one of our range of Kenneth Cole skeleton watches. There’s something absolutely fascinating about the exposed gears and mechanisms shifting over time that make skeleton watches such a special and unique timepiece. By owning a skeleton watch you will truly come to appreciate the intricate details, inner workings and craftsmanship that go behind the product manufacture, whilst owning an accessory that is sure to turn heads and spark conversation. 


Why Buy an Automatic Watch?

Automatic watches (or self-winding watches), are mechanical watches that wind themselves due to the natural motion that you provide - as you move your arms during your day, your watch uses that energy and winds itself, removing the need for an internal battery. Our range of Kenneth Cole watches are all automatic, so you never have to worry about fitting in the watch repair man into your busy schedule just to change that flat battery that ran out 2 years ago. 


Browse Our Extensive Range of Kenneth Cole Watches Today


Whether you have been searching for a watch to compliment your unique style, or perhaps you are searching for a treasured keepsake gift idea for your loved ones, we are confident that our range of automatic Kenneth Cole Watches will suit you perfectly. Our watches come in a variety of functions, colours, movements, materials and designs to suit a number of tastes and budgets. From stainless steel, to gold, silver, rose gold, two tone and mixed metal finishes, our watches are also available in a metal or a leather strap, ensuring there is something for almost everybody.