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The Eyring Wood Carving Company (Holzschnitzerei Eyring)

The Eyring Wood Carving Company (Holzschnitzerei Eyring) can look back on 4 generations of wood carving. Erhard Eyring started the tradition of wood carving in an old farmhouse with his son Isidor Eyring, and eventually grandson Gerold Eyring who took over the family business. Gerold Eyring extended the product range to include hand-carved Schlotfeger as lucky charms, farmers couples, dwarf lamps as well as larger lamps with hexagon and wild motifs. Later came carved landscape tables, a range of wood carvings such as Nachwachter, Madonnas, Nativity figures, Rhön masks and much more, as well as the production of grandfather clocks with carved ornaments added in 1989. In 1977, Gerold trained his daughter Imelda, and son Thomas Eyring in his workshop, who took over the wood carvings of his father in 1995 and became the master wood carver of the business.


In order to present the products to customers throughout Germany, Holzschnitzerei Eyring took part in many exhibitions and trade fairs, for example in the Hessian region (Fulda, Wächtersbach, Kassel, Frankfurt) and in the Bavarian region (Schweinfurt, Würzburg, Nuremberg ) and in many other cities. Soon the product range was expanded and customers were presented with a wider selection of wood carvings, crib figures and grandfather clocks. The painting of the wooden figures is done by Thomas’ wife Brigitte and his sister Imelda with great attention to detail. In the year 2000, his daughter Melanie also decided to continue the family tradition and learned the profession of the wood sculptor in her father's company.


The products from Thomas Eyring are made from exclusively well-seasoned lumbers. The entire process from the lumber to the finished sculpture is meticulous with high attention to detail and intricacy to ensure products of the highest quality. Painting the wooden products is the final step in the finishing process- this process is done by hand, which makes every piece a one-of-a-kind piece of art and unique item. 


The Clock Shop stocks custom carvings by Thomas Eyring, including fascinating hand carved and hand painted masks, as well as grandfather clocks both in store and online.