Christmas Gnome Decorations

Bearded Gnome Shelf Sitter 10cm


Gnome Head with LED Light In Red or Grey Christmas Decoration 26cm


Pink and Grey Gnome Shelf Sitter 20cm


Gnome Shelf Sitter Dressed in Tartan 18cm


Red and Grey Stitches Hat Gnome Table Decoration 22cm


White and Grey Gnome Shelf Sitter 20cm


 Red and Grey Gnome Shelf Sitter with Stripy Legs 24cm


Gnome Santa Shelf Sitter 63cm


Gnome Shelf Sitter In Pink/Grey Christmas Decoration 20cm


Gnome Shelf Sitter In Traditional Costume 18cm


Gnome With Bell Legs Fridge Magnet Red And Grey 12cm


Gnome with LED Light Shelf Sitter 30cm


Grey And White Bearded Gnome 18cm


Red and Grey Gnome Holding Love Hearts Table Decoration 25cm


Red Gnome Table Decoration 14cm


Gnome Fridge Magnet With Dangle Legs Red And Grey 12cm


Gnome Girl White Hat Pull Out Legs 55cm


Gnome Grey And Red Sitting 15cm


Gnome Head In Brown/Red Felt Hat Christmas Tree Decoration 13cm


Gnome Head With Beard And Hat Christmas Tree Decoration 9cm


Gnome In Blue with Plush Hat Christmas Decoration 30cm


Gnome In Red With Led Light Up Nose 51cm


Gnome In Red/Grey with Wiggle Function Christmas Decoration 65cm


Gnome Red/Grey with LED Lantern 70cm