Christmas Trends For 2022

Christmas Trends for 2022



It’s hard to believe that October is here. Yes, it's getting to that time of year already. Over the next few weeks retail shops will start decorating for Christmas, cheerful Christmas songs will play overhead on repeat, and we will find ourselves all scratching our heads asking ourselves where another year has gone. Every year it feels as though Christmas starts earlier and earlier, and this year is no exception. Some major retail stores started promoting Christmas at the start of September! The peak of Christmas shopping usually begins with the Black Friday sales in late November, with November and December traditionally the busiest months for retail as it heads into the festive season. However there is a growing trend of both promoting for, and shopping for Christmas earlier and earlier, with up to 40% of shoppers planning to start their Christmas shopping before Halloween this year. Why? People simply want to be prepared. We can all agree that Christmas 2021 was very disorganised. Major retailers struggled with global supply chain issues, deliveries all over the world were delayed, and people were simply unprepared for this knock on effect. To avoid a similar situation this year, many people are starting to think ahead of the curve. One benefit by starting their Christmas shopping earlier is that consumers can avoid major crowds, avoid stock supply issues, whilst also allowing for delivery delays with gifts.

Interestingly, ever since the pandemic began, consumer habits have shown a significant increase of people trending towards online shopping in general. This offers the customer greater choice on an international level, more competitive prices, as well as the ability to avoid the crazy Christmas crowds and ongoing illnesses. There is no denying it, the last few years have forced us all inwards, which has ultimately changed our lives in so many ways, from our mental wellbeing, to our home styling and shopping habits. As we have all been craving comfort in this uncertain world, it is no wonder that the themes of cosiness, warmth and comfort have trended in home decor throughout 2022. Read our home styling blog from early 2022 that covers these trends in more detail. Almost a year later, the same themes are still trending, despite changes in season, easing of restrictions and life generally getting back on track.


The overall inspiration for Christmas 2022 draws upon the themes of warmth, security and comfort, which is perfectly reflected in the Christmas colour palettes for 2022. This year, forget the pink and blush tones that were trendy last year. Gold and white accents will be popular instead, with neutral earthy tones set to be a stand out key design element for Christmas 2022. Think earthy browns, light olive greens and wooden tones, set amongst the traditional crimson red and green colour palettes that we automatically associate with Christmas. By incorporating natural colour palettes into our home Christmas decor for 2022, this helps to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, whilst perfectly aligning with the growing demand for a sustainable, environmentally friendly and earth-conscious world. 

Sustainability has been a growing trend in consumer habits over the last few years as we all want to do our part to make a better world. Sustainability is a theme that will be widely reflected upon in our Christmas decor for 2022. Think ‘natural’ inspired Christmas trees using materials from the garden, such as foraged branches and leaves, rather than artificial Christmas trees that end up in landfill a few years later. Large potted plants also offer a trendy alternative to plastic Christmas trees, which look charming with a string of fairy lights surrounding them and a few decorative baubles. In fact any potted plants have the ability to fit in perfectly with your 2022 Christmas decor, whilst also being friendly for the environment, a true sustainable choice. 

As more people become aware of their environmental footprint, there is no doubt that paper, cardboard and wooden decorations will be huge in 2022. Different shades of green decorations set against earthy brown tones will perfectly complement the traditional Christmas colours of red and green. Incorporating natural and woodland themed decor, including cute animal decorations, deep berry colours, and natural materials like pinecones, leaves, flowers and native plants, will be a trendsetter for 2022. 

Another new feature for Christmas 2022 will be incorporating Candles into the home decor, which will be well suited to the natural inspired Christmas spaces. Beautiful long candlesticks will adorn 2022 Christmas table settings, whilst small tealight candles will offer a beautiful soft ambience that will perfectly match the natural themed decor. This year, Traditional German Christmas Pyramids are set to be very popular as their most important feature is the light from a candle. Originally designed in the 1700’s in the Erzgebirge (otherwise known as the Ore Mountains) of Germany, when the region was an active mining community, the original Christmas pyramid was a simple design crafted of several sticks tied together and formed into a basic pyramid shape, with some candles placed at the base. Originally referred to as ‘light racks’, these designs were simple- burning the candles would tell the miners that there was oxygen in the mines, whilst also serving as a beacon reminding them of the light and warmth waiting for them when they finished work. In one form or another, Christmas pyramids have always served as a beacon of light and hope, and knowing this rich history makes owning one even more special. Whilst we cannot have a wintery white Christmas here in Australia, we can certainly still make Christmas a magical time of the year by decorating our homes with Christmas pyramids, perfectly complemented by soft candlelight.

When considering how to create the perfect Christmas ambience in our home spaces, we need to consider all of our senses. By decorating in natural inspired decor with soft candlelight, we create a visually appealing space. By playing cheery Christmas carols, this offers a delight to our hearing. One key element for Christmas 2022 that will be huge is to incorporate the sense of smell into our decor, with the use of Christmas Themed Incense. With a rich variety of different scents available from marzipan to cinnamon apple and frankincense, you can’t go wrong with filling your home spaces with these beautiful scents. After all, Christmas 2022 is all about appealing to all of the senses to create a truly complete and authentic experience. If you truly want to follow the environmentally friendly decor choice this year, we strongly recommend displaying your chosen incense scent in a Traditional German Incense Smoker. These wooden creations are available in over 100 unique and traditional designs which include Santas, traditional smoking men, chefs and their kitchens, chimney sweeps, pilots, gnomes and so much more! They represent another great tradition that originated from the Ore Mountains, an area that is synonymous with the creation of many fascinating Christmas decorations including Nutcracker Dolls and Christmas Pyramids. Wildly popular across the German Christmas markets, German Incense smokers are a fun and treasured Christmas decoration across all of Europe. Perhaps this Christmas why not consider a traditional Christmas decoration from the heart of Germany. Not only will it create a talking point amongst your family and friends; it will also fill your home with the magical aura of incense.

Last year the cute and delightful Scandinavian gnomes (otherwise referred to as Nisse) were wildly popular. This year the decoration of choice is predicted to be none other than Traditional German Nutcrackers. Nutcrackers are a true Christmas classic, having been loved by many generations over the years. In the German tradition, Christmas Nutcracker dolls are placed around the home to represent a symbol of power, strength and good luck, whilst frightening evil spirits away. Known by the locals as Nussknacker, Nutcracker dolls represent a piece of true German history, also originating in the Ore Mountains in the late 17th century. According to German folklore, Nutcrackers were gifted as keepsakes to bring a family good luck and to protect their home from evil spirits and danger. A fierce protector, "the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill." Traditionally, nutcrackers were designed to represent people of authority such as soldiers and kings, however today more modern day figures are represented including a bearded Scotsman in a kilt, Santa Claus, a golfer, a beer drinker and everything in between. 

Continuing with the 2022 Christmas theme of cosiness and comfort is another very popular decoration that is trending at the moment- Gingerbread Themed Decorations! This true Christmas classic is wildly popular this year and designs are predicted to fly off the shelves. 

As Christmas is always a special time for family, togetherness, traditions and nostalgia, there is no doubt that 2022 will drive us all to seek the same feelings of comfort and cosiness that we have been seeking all year. By styling our home spaces in natural themed decor complimented with traditional German Christmas decorations such as Christmas Pyramids, Nutcrackers, Incense Smokers, Christmas Themed Incense and Candles, we can enjoy a truly nostalgic Christmas to be remembered for many years to come.

If we were to offer any piece of advice for 2022, it would be to make sure you are well prepared for Christmas early this year. Clock Shop is stocked with over 600 unique European Christmas Decorations so you can shop with confidence knowing that this year you will be well prepared for the festive season.

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