The Fascinating World Of Trenkle Uhren Clocks

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For over half a century, the name Trenkle Uhren has been synonymous with handcrafted excellence in the world of cuckoo clocks. Nestled in the idyllic Simonswäld region of Germany's Black Forest, Trenkle's dedication to quality and tradition ensures each clock is a true masterpiece. With hundreds of unique and authentic Trenkle products available to purchase, Clock Shop is proud to offer the largest range of Trenkle products found anywhere in Australia!


A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Founded in 1966, Trenkle Uhren remains a family-run business where the clock making expertise has been passed down through the generations. Their commitment to the craft shines through in every detail, from the meticulously carved wooden cases to the intricate mechanisms assembled by hand.

Unlike many mass-produced cuckoo clocks, Trenkle prides themselves on their full in-house production. Their modern workshop ensures many components of the clock, from the base through to the decorative features and mechanical parts are crafted with precision. This attention to detail guarantees not just a beautiful timepiece but a reliable one that will be enjoyed for years to come. In addition to this, every clock is tested and inspected before it leaves the factory.

Whilst Trenkle is renowned for their large range of iconic cuckoo clocks, their repertoire extends far beyond the cheerful cuckoo call. Their entire range includes:

Cuckoo Clocks: The extensive cuckoo clock range offered by Trenkle caters to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer the traditional chalet style or a more whimsical scene with moving characters like woodchoppers or beer drinkers, Trenkle has it all. They even feature cuckoo clocks with elaborately carved birds, or moving dancers. This vast selection ensures there's a perfect Trenkle cuckoo clock to bring the charm of the Black Forest to life in your home. Browse our range of Cuckoo clocks by Trenkle today. 

Weather Houses: These charming miniature designs offer a fun and traditional way to predict the weather. A German weather house functions as a hygrometer, measuring the amount of humidity in the surrounding air. Normally, weather houses have two doors side by side. The right hand side features a boy or man, whilst on the left hand side is a girl or woman. When the weather is sunny and dry (indicating low humidity) the female figure comes out of the house, whilst the male hides. When the weather is close to raining and the humidity in the air is high, the male figure comes out of his door instead, determining the weather for the day. The figurines are placed on a balance bar, and the movement is guided by a piece of material, which is very sensitive to humidity. In order to function properly, the weather house must be placed somewhere exposed to air such as near a window, and away from air conditioning. Browse our range of Weather Houses by Trenkle today.

German Mini Clocks: For those who prefer a smaller timepiece with a fun element, Trenkle offers a range of traditional German Mini Clocks, including Swinging Doll Clocks, and Kuckulino Clocks. Similar to the Cuckoo Clock designs of chalet and carved, a kuckulino clock features a cuckoo call each hour, however unlike a cuckoo clock, it does not have a cuckoo bird popping out. Using the three way switch on the kuckulino clocks, you can alternate between three options- a quiet cuckoo call; alternating through a different melody each hour; or no sound at all. Some swinging doll clocks do not feature music or a cuckoo call, and instead are purely timepieces. Available at an affordable price point, these delightful mini cuckoo clocks make fantastic gift ideas for adults and children alike, as they add a hint of character to any room in your chosen space.


Owning a Piece of Black Forest Tradition

No matter your chosen style, Trenkle clocks are more than just timepieces; they're a great way to bring a touch of authentic German heritage into your home. With a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to choose from, there's a perfect Trenkle clock for every taste and budget.

So, whether you're a seasoned cuckoo clock enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and conversation-starting timepiece, Trenkle Uhren offers a piece of Black Forest magic that will add warmth and character to your home.

Trenkle’s creative ideas are expressed in their ever changing range of styles and models, all of which can be browsed both in store and online at the Clock Shop today. Browse our entire Trenkle range available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs to suit almost any chosen space.


The Best Selling Trenkle Products

Cuckoo Clock:

Nothing speaks traditional charm quite like this 5 Leaf & Bird Cuckoo Clock By TRENKLE, which is a genuine, high quality hand-crafted Black Forest cuckoo clock, produced by artisan clock makers TRENKLE from Simonswald in the Black Forest region of Germany.

Measuring 20cm in height*, this beautiful clock features a bird carving along with an arrangement of 5 leaves adorning the clock’s body, a design commonly featured on many of the early cuckoo clocks and still make up one of the most popular styles of cuckoo clock carving today. The ornamental leaves around the front of the clock are characteristic of the traditionally carved cuckoo clocks. The in-built cuckoo of this beautiful clock calls the time on the half hour as well as each hour, with a manual shut-off lever. There is no music with this clock and it needs to be wound once a day.


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German Mini Clock

5 Leaf & Bird Battery Carved Kuckulino With Dancers 25cm By TRENKLE. Measuring 25cm in height*, this beautiful clock features a bird carving along with an arrangement of 5 ornamental leaves adorning the clock’s body, a very famous and traditional clock design. The ornamental leaves around the front of the clock surround a wooden clock dial, whilst a pendulum is featured below the clock, alongside decorative display weights. Rounding out this fascinating timepiece are colourful dancers on a balcony above the clock dial who twirl when the music plays. This walnut stained timepiece is powered by a high quality quartz movement that is accurate at keeping time. It is recommended to change the batteries annually to ensure longevity of your clock mechanism. This clock comes with an option of 12 different melodies that alternate playing one melody each hour.

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Fostering A Long-Lasting Relationship

Clock Shop are proud to maintain a long lasting relationship with Trenkle, spanning over 30 years. Earlier in 2024, Daniel Hoffman (Current Clock Shop owner), and his father, Phil Hoffman (previous Clock Shop owner) visited Trenkle in Germany.


Clock Shop Visits Trenkle | Germany 2024



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