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Trenkle Uhren | Quality Black Forest Craftsmanship

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For over a half of a century, the Trenkle Uhren GmbH company has been carrying on the clock production tradition. Based in Simonswald in the Black Forest region of Germany, Trenkle is known for its combination of creative handwork and the newest technology.


Everything from the case to mechanical swinging doll movements are produced and assembled in house in the Black Forest. In their modern carpentry workshop, the clock cases, screen printed wooden boards and decorative features are cut and decorated and then carefully assembled into traditional miniature Black Forest Clocks. The mechanical movements among other parts are stamped by hand in brass sheet; the wheels and springs are assembled into each movement by experienced factory workers which are then fitted into the various clock cases. Before every clock leaves the factory, it is tested, inspected and set.


Trenkle Uhren's creative ideas are expressed in their ever changing models which add to the extensive range already available, which can be browsed both in store and online at the Clock Shop today. Browse from over 200 products available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs to suit almost any chosen space.