Clock Peddler 1 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 42cm By Master Carvers Club

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Height: 42.0cmWidth: 28.0cmDepth: 15.0cm

A Traditional Design Carved By A Certified Master Carver

Attention to detail is easily apparent with this exquisite 1 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock by a certified master carver with the Master Carvers Club from the Black Forest in Germany.

Measuring 42cm in height*, this exquisite hand-carved cuckoo clock features a large bird with its wings raised at the crown of the clock, whilst to the right is a clock peddler walking by with some clocks on his back ready to sell. The story of the clock peddler dates back hundreds of years where the artisans would spend long winters crafting cuckoo clocks, then travel far and wide in the spring to sell their unique creations. Today the clock peddler is celebrated as a prominent symbol of the successes that the cuckoo clock industry has seen throughout the years, and are often symbolised in many cuckoo clock designs, paying homage to artisans from a time long since past. To the right of the clock peddler is a carved fir tree that stands tall, whilst beautiful ornamental leaf foliage frames the clock perfectly. The base of the clock is another feature that has been heavily hand carved, with the overall timepiece finished in an antique walnut colour. The clock also features a wooden clock dial in the centre of the piece, and a timber pendulum that hangs below the clock itself, alongside the weights. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of this clock is that every part of this clock has been carved by hand, including the clock hands on the dial.

This particular clock runs on a 1 day mechanism, and therefore needs to be wound once a day simply by pulling the weights. The in-built cuckoo of this clock calls the time each hour and once at half past, and it does not play music.

This exceptionally carved cuckoo clock by the Master Carvers Club features deep and detailed carvings, with attention to detail that is clearly evident. It is qualities like these that make Master Carver clocks truly stand out from the rest. The finished products are truly spectacular, and the journey of this clock from the design and the planning stages, through to receiving the finished product is wonderful to watch. 

Benefits of a Mechanical Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest mechanical cuckoo clocks are weight driven and are available in two different movements:

  • 1 Day Movement - you wind the clock by pulling the chain and winding the weights once a day
  • 8 Day Movement - you wind the clock by pulling the chain and winding the weights once a week

Each mechanical cuckoo clock will have either two or three weights; two weights for cuckoo only and three weights for cuckoo and music. One weight runs the clock movement and hands that show the time and the second weight drives the cuckoo calling mechanism. The cuckoo sound is produced using bellows that push air through two whistles creating the 'cook' and 'coo' sounds respectively. If you choose to also have music with your mechanical cuckoo clock, the third weight drives a traditional mechanical music box movement with a pinned cylinder that plucks notes on a 'comb' to produce a melody.

Master Carvers Club

In 2005, Gerhard Schmieder, Oliver Zinapold, and some associates founded the Master Carvers Club (MCC). Based in the middle of the Black Forest in a scenic town called Triberg, the Master Carvers Club represents the essence of high quality, exclusiveness and true handicraft of cuckoo clock production, ensuring that every single clock produced is truly unique and one of a kind. In a world where the number of local wood carvers and sculptors are declining, the Master Carver Club products for well known Black Forest clock manufacturers, where the appreciation for true craftsmanship and artistic quality reigns high. The products produced by the Master Carvers Club cannot be mass produced, they are all original one of a kind items. It is qualities such as these that the Masters Carvers Club are proud of.

Why Shop at the Clock Shop?

Our small family run business has been standing in the same location since 1993, providing Australia with the number one option for consistent quality timepieces. Don’t believe us? Check out our company reviews!

If you’re looking to purchase an authentic German cuckoo clock in Australia, then we offer a large range of quality timepieces that add a German inspired atmosphere to your home.

When you purchase a cuckoo clock from us, you will be guaranteed a product that is authentic in origin, sourced directly from Germany, and crafted of the highest quality. These beautiful and unique hand carved clocks date back to the early 18th century and are still manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany today. 

A Guaranteed Product of Authenticity

The Clock Shop is a member of the “VDS-Verein die Schwarzwalduhr” (= Black Forest clock association), and a certificate of authenticity is included for all clocks with a mechanical movement made in the Black Forest. In order to provide customers with this certificate of authenticity, the product must be produced authentically and exclusively from the Black Forest, and must be working purely mechanically with all of its essential working parts to have also been produced in the Black Forest as well. Master Carvers Club mechanical cuckoo clocks all guarantee the hallmarks of quality, precision and authenticity and as such, come with this certificate. When you purchase a mechanical cuckoo clock from the Clock Shop we will guarantee:

  • 2 year warranty on all cuckoo clock purchases
  • A VDS Certificate of authenticity
  • Top quality customer service with fast response times
  • Fast and secure delivery to anywhere in Australia
  • A 100% happiness guarantee policy with easy returns

Key Features:

  • Genuine hand-carved 1 day mechanical carved cuckoo clock
  • Hand carved by a certified master carver from the Master Carvers Club in the Black Forest
  • Features a large bird crowning the scene
  • Clock peddler walking by to the right of the clock
  • Large tree to the left
  • Beautiful leaf foliage that frames the clock perfectly
  • Wooden clock dial and carved hands
  • All elements of the clock have been hand carved with high attention to detail
  • Timber pendulum hangs below the clock itself, alongside the weights
  • Features deep and detailed carvings, with attention to detail that is clearly evident
  • 1 day mechanism, the weights need to be wound once a day
  • In-built cuckoo of this clock calls the time each hour and once at half past through a door that opens
  • No music
  • Measures 42cm in height*
  • Hand carved in the Black Forest region of Germany
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • 2 year warranty
  • Fast delivery Australia wide
  • Free delivery on orders over $400
  • Happiness guaranteed


Whilst we do our best to accurately capture all products to best represent their natural appearance, the colour and finish of this product may vary slightly from the images on our website.

*The measurements of the clock do not include the height of the weights or pendulum.

SKU 20078942
Brand Master Carvers Club
Height 42.0cm
Width 28.0cm
Depth 15.0cm
Type Cuckoo Clocks
Style Traditional
Style Carved
Mechanism Mechanical 1 Day Chain Wind
Clock Sound Cuckoo Only
Music No Music
Theme People & Culture
Material Wood
Pendulum Yes
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