Hönes: Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks Since 1950

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Nestled amongst the rolling hills and dense forests of the Black Forest in southern Germany, lies the charming town of Titisee-Neustadt. It's here that the timeless art of clockmaking resonates through the workshop of Hönes, a name synonymous with exquisite cuckoo clock designs. For over seven decades, this family-run business has captivated the world with their meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to preserving the heritage of the iconic Black Forest timepiece- the cuckoo clock.


A Family Affair: From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition

Founded in 1950 by master watchmaker Daniel Hönes, the company has blossomed into a global leader in the cuckoo clock industry. In the mid 1980s, the reins were passed down to Wolfgang Trenkle, a talented clockmaker himself and a descendant of a long line of Black Forest artisans. As a child, Wolfgang Trenkle, the General Manager of Hönes Clocks, tinkered with his first Black Forest Clock, sparking a passion that led him to take over the Hönes Clock Factory. Under Trenkle's leadership, Hönes embraced international markets, solidifying their position as one of the world's leading producers of high-quality cuckoo clocks.


Crafted with Passion

Bears In Forest 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock 64cm By HÖNES

For true and authentic German Black Forest clocks, many people have come to rely on the quality and craftsmanship of the Hönes name. The company philosophy is to source only the finest materials, clock cases and wood carvings from trusted local suppliers within the Black Forest region, and to equip all of their clocks with high quality movements. Using only highly skilled and talented woodcarvers, Hönes ensures that each clock creation is exceptionally built. From the combination of design, creativity and attention to detail, Hönes cuckoo clocks have an elegance and beauty that is typical of true Black Forest clockmakers. Worldwide, the name Hönes is synonymous with quality. 


Owning a Piece of Black Forest History

An authentic Hönes clock is more than just a timepiece; it offers a connection to a centuries-old tradition. Each unique timepiece embodies the dedication and expertise of generations of skilled artisans, ensuring a legacy that continues for many years to come.


A Style for Every Taste

Although they are renowned for their iconic cuckoo clocks, Hönes offers a diverse selection of timepieces to suit a variety of preferences and styles. Here's a glimpse into their captivating collection:


  • Mechanical Cuckoo Clocks: The heart and soul of Hönes, these timepieces feature intricate mechanisms that bring the beloved cuckoo call to life. Hönes mechanical cuckoo clocks are weight driven and are available in two different movements, 1 Day Movement (winding the weights once a day), or an 8 Day Movement (winding the weights once a week).


Ivy Leaf Vine 8 Day Mechanical Cuckoo Clock 49cm By HÖNES



  • Chalet Cuckoo Clocks: Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Black Forest region, these charming clocks are shaped like miniature alpine houses and often feature intricate carvings depicting scenes of mountain life, along with moving features called automaton


Clock Maker's Workshop 8 Day Mechanical Chalet Cuckoo Clock With Dancers 55cm By HÖNES



  • Wooden Gear Clock: Bring some antique charm into your home with this antique replica wooden gear skeleton clock from 1760, handcrafted by Hönes. Measuring 19cm in height* (not including the weights or the rope), this open design timepiece features a wooden chapter ring dial displaying roman numerals. Behind the dial are the visible wooden moving gears of the clock. A steel and brass pendulum hangs down below the dial, alongside the waxed rope on a pulley system, and an iron weight. The entire timepiece is designed from an antique clock design from the year 1760.

18th Century Antique Replica Mechanical Wooden Gear Clock 19cm By HÖNES


Cultivating An Ongoing Relationship

To strengthen their long-standing partnership with Hönes, Clock Shop undertakes annual trips to Germany to meet directly. This commitment is demonstrated by the recent visit of both the current owner, Daniel Hoffman, and his father, Phil Hoffman, the previous owner, who met with the Hönes team. Such personal connections and dedication to fostering a strong bond ensure Clock Shop receives genuine, high-quality Hones timepieces directly from the source, offering customers authentic pieces crafted with the true Black Forest spirit.


Daniel Hoffman, Phil Hoffman & Wolfgang Trenkle, Germany 2024


The Best Seller

Take a closer look at this 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock, Clock Shops best selling Hönes clock. Measuring 48cm in height*, this unique clock features a bird carving at the crown of the clock along with an arrangement of 5 ornamental leaves adorning the clock’s body, a very famous and traditional element for cuckoo clock designs, making up one of the most popular styles of cuckoo clock carvings today. The design of a frame of leaves is also commonly crowned with a carved deer head, however this particular clock instead features a bird. The ornamental leaves around the front of the clock surround a wooden clock dial, with the overall appearance rounded out with a timber pendulum that hangs below the clock, alongside the weights. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of this timepiece is the addition of two carved birds, one on either side of the clock dial.

5 Leaf & Bird 8 Day Mechanical Carved Cuckoo Clock With Side Birds 48cm By HÖNES



Embrace the Charm: Find Your Perfect Hönes Timepiece

If you find yourself captivated by the nostalgic charm of the cuckoo clock, a Hönes clock is sure to add a touch of timeless beauty and captivating character to your home. Explore their full collection and discover a piece that resonates with your own unique style and appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship. 

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