Need To Replace A Clock Movement?

Have a look through the guided resources below to help you find the correct movement

How To Determine Which Hands You Need- Press Fit, Euroshaft or High Torque

In order to find replacement hands, you will first need to gather a few measurements and information from your current movement/or hands. You will need to determine:

1. What type of fit are your hands? (press fit, euro shaft or high torque)

Your current minute hand will be able to easily indicate what type of movement you have. Simply examine the hole in your minute hand. 

  • If it is round or has a hexagonal looking eyelet, and if the hand pushes onto the shaft then your movement is a press fit movement
  • If the hole has two straight sides and a rounded top and bottom, then your movement is a euro shaft movement
  • If your minute hand is over 160mm in length then we strongly recommend that you use a high torque movement

Please note, your minute hand hole should be visible. If there is anything protruding from your original minute hand then you may have removed the minute shaft from the movement with the hand by accident. To separate this shaft from the minute hand you will need to unscrew the hand nut on the front of the hand.

2. Hand Hole Dimensions (Shaft Diameter Of Hands)

As the shaft diameter for all hands varies significantly, your replacement hands need to be compatible with either your original movement, or the replacement movement that you select. It is important that you measure the hand hole dimensions of your original hands to confirm whether it is a match. If these arent available, you can measure the shaft dimensions of your original movement. In addition, the total length of the hands are measured from the centre of the hole to the tip, not from end to end.

3. Follow Our Guide

For more detailed information on how to get these measurements, we have created an easy to follow guide (with pictures) and an additional video link which you can view here: Step-By-Step DIY Clock Movement Replacement Guide

Please note, it is very important that you have gathered this information correctly prior to purchasing. Additional information that you will need to obtain includes your dial thickness and dial hole diameter from your current clock.


Which Euroshaft Hands Do I Need? (Takane, German UTS or Sweep)

The main differences between these hand types come from the dimensions of the minute shaft, which correlate to slightly different hand hole (collet) dimensions in the minute hand of the various movements. In German UTS Euroshaft movements, the minute hand dimensions are slightly smaller (3.5mm x 2.8mm), as opposed to a Sweep or Takane Euroshaft movement (4mm x 3mm). The hour hand dimensions are the same across the different Euroshaft movement types that we supply. 

Disclaimer: The information provided serves as a guide only and may not be specific or true for every type of clock. Clock Shop is not responsible for any alterations or damages which may be made from the information provided, and customer discretion is always advised.

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