Press Fit Hands

Press Fit Hands For Quartz Clock Movement

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Sweep / Second Hand For Quartz Clock Movement

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Looking for a New Set of Press Fit Clock Hands?

Buy from the biggest and best range of clock parts in Australia online or in store from the Clock Shop. Whether you’re looking for battery operated quartz clock movements, high torque movements, pendulum movements, chiming movements or any style of clock hands like high torque hands, press fit hands, euroshaft hands or UTS hands, you’ll get a good deal on top quality brands including Seiko, Hermle, Takane and Junghans plus more! Explore our large range of replacement clock parts to fit most wall clocks, specialty clocks and cuckoo clocks to keep your beloved clock’s hand’s ticking for many years to come.


A Quick Guide to Buying the Correct Hands for your Clock Movement

When buying clock hands it can be easy to purchase the first set you think looks great!... only to find out they don't fit the mechanism your clock has! Always remember to find out exactly what kind of clock movement you have and make sure you purchase the correct hands that will definitely fit your clock. Not all clocks are the same, so here are some quick tips to help you figure out what hands you need.

  1. Find out what your clock's mechanism is - Do your hands press on to the shaft? Are you old hands very long (over 150mm length from the center hole to the tip)? Does the minute hand have an eye hole (looks like an oval) instead of a round hole.
  2. If your hands are over 150mm long, then you'll need high torque hands (usually suits very large clocks)
  3. If your minute hands have a eye hole rather than a round hole and requires a small nut to fasten the hands to the shaft, then you will require euroshaft hands.
  4. If both your hour and minute hands press onto the shaft and don't require a small nut to fasten them onto the shaft, then you'll require press fit hands.

Keep this in mind for choosing the right movement too, if you require a new clock movement as well as hands.


Not Sure Where To Start?

Read our Blog (click here) and watch our DIY video for further tips on how to change your clock mechanism.




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